Nourian Houtan. The Earth

Galleria Nourian Houtan. The Earth

This collection has named the Earth  and I have begun this project about three years ago. In this project I want to discuss about one kind of staging the environment by using odd and strange forms in a pure nature such as jungle. In fact I think straight view to the around itself has some mysterious facts, objects and situations. So I have decided to apply some organic thing in the field of color and natural forms in the spaces of the jungle and try to decorate the trees, wings, earth, leafs etc.

I can separate the Earth in five parts: Childhood story, lake, pure nature, white trees and creation. All of them have an approach to the staged photography.

In this project I have tried to increase the contrast between black trees and white trees. You can see this concept in all parts. It is more important that I have usually used natural things and objects to show this.

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